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    Close Vocabulary Gaps

    A strong vocabulary is crucial for mastering a language and understands valued information. But building vocabulary is a tough thing to do, especially in the new era of search engines and mobile devices. When the definition of words can be fetched by just a few clicks or even by speaking to your phone, when wrong spelling becomes less crucial since auto-correction is everywhere, it's only natural that our brain tends not to memorize it. But the cost to such convenience is losing the ability to express ideas and feelings in a precise manner.

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  • Features

    We care about awesome features to get the job done.

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    Grab Any Word

    Grab any words you want to memorize by selecting the texts from anywhere, then just "share" to your personal Wordbook.

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    Send to Wordbook

    Check out the definition of the word, Send to Wordbook just like sent to an old friend

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    Real World Usage

    Wordbook not only shows the definition of the word but also fetches related wiki pages for you.

    *VPN services such as Uplinks.Net might be good for this feature if you're having trouble to access.
  • Spacing memorize

    The most effective way that technology can bring to you on memorizing things is spacing memorization. It means to show you the words repeatedly in the first few hours, then the next day, subsequently after several days to enforce the memory. Wordbook will do that automatically. Not only that, when you give feedback under each time you see a word in the App: fully, kind of, or not remembering, Wordbook will adjust how and when the word will show to you later next time. A perfect pace designed just for you until you can get a full grip.

    Master the language, not only for the test prep

    The purpose of Wordbook is to help to understand and writing on a deeper level than just prep tests. The real value of a language is getting to the knowledge it conveys, which will be the most rewarding and beneficial to a person besides passing a test. Wordbook focused more on expand reading and writing capability, SAT, or TOELF GRE GMAT vocabulary will be just a side effect that will come along.

  • Sync Across devices via iCloud

    iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Apple Watch!

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    Use it Everywhere

    Continue Your Words on Every Device

    With the lovely feature and service of iCloud, your personal list of words in Wordbook will be able to sync across all iOS, macOS, and watchOS devices. It means when you add words from the iPad and work them on iPhone or vice verse.

  • Join the Discussion

    Please let me know if you think you are a skillful iOS developer and have a great idea.

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